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  • Thursday 29 January 2015

    DUT Students rise to fight for their Educational rights

    Dut students strike

    The students at the Durban university of Technology have stood up to fight against the fraud which has been happening at the financial services offices whereby many of the students that have applied for funding had their offers rejected as NSFAS claimed that it had unsufficient funds to support the poor students . On  Thursday, 29 January thousands of students marched to the Steve Biko Campus with the leadership of SASCO and to help fight against the NSFAS ( National Student Financial Aid Scheme ) which has denied to sponsor the poor students in the Durban University of Technology.

    DUT strike
    The news are spreading about how the University Financial Aid Scheme and NSFAS have ill treated the young students after they have received a message which claimed that all most all the students at  the university of kwazulu-natal and at Mungosuthu University of Technology have received funding and at DUT only about a quarter leaving the other students with outstanding funds which they owe the university. Last night I have been able to Speak to a second year electrical engineering student who to told me that he was not able to register because he owed more than R 25 000 ( $2400 )  and many owed more than that such that the University have restricted them from registering or getting their results.

    The DUT  SRC have released a message which is as follows:

    Mqondisi Duma wrote:
    27 JANUARY 2015

    The Student Representative Council of Durban University of Technology welcomes all students who have returned safely from home. We also extend our greetings to those who are coming to DUT for the first time this year.

    As much as we acknowledge and note the parasitic nature of a festive season, where our parents must spend the little that they have during this period, and when time comes that we must come back to school,  they can’t financially contribute to challenges we face at the beginning of the year. No different from previous years, we come back to a university that epitomizes a society where a student with financial muscles is worshiped by the university than a student whose life is a humiliated one, undignified, unimportant, on the basis that he struggles with the means of subsistence.

    Students must be rest assured that until we take a battle to those who are waging war against us as black students in particular, no one will fight back and be in their defense but only themselves. You go to a meeting with the management you find people who would sweat just trying to give reasons
    why students can’t be assisted and you realize that these are the same people who were in a forefront during the apartheid regime, whom you would think they understand where you are coming from as Africans in particular and blacks in general, and there and then u realize that indeed ‘’black child
    you are on your own’’. Exactly, who is supposed to fight for you when  everyone is turning against you? We continue to experience frustrations of the online system even this year.

    Amongst many challenges that are paused by this system, things that we are not going to except as the SRC is for students to spend much time not being in class while classes are on progress, because they are nursing these challenges not of their creation but of this so-called NEW SYSTEM. Our major concern is that when NSFAS scrutinize students who are successful or unsuccessful, they disregard the fact that some students would have failed because they spent most of their time out in SRC offices, financial aid trying to address these matters, and at the end of the day NSFAS does not want to be held accountable.

    We also want NSFAS to keep the spirit and principle of academic progress and student’s background, not only when it suits them. They must sustain that even with students who are left with two modules or less to complete their qualifications and programs. We want to commend the University for opening an investigation of financial aid department and we wish them a fruitful investigation. All looters, fraudsters, solicitors of moneys of poor students must be investigated and if found guilty, they must be jailed, they must be fired, they must pay back the money, and be expelled from the

    The SRC is flabbergasted and disappointed to all those hooligans claiming to be SRC, SASCO, ANCYL and YCLSA who are working with staff from some department to loot student money, we also demand an investigation even if those students are our own comrades. We are off the belief that all departments that are alleged to have corrupt tendencies must be investigated. It misguided information that in DUT only financial aid that has problems of misusing student’s resources and resources at their disposal.

    DUT Students

    The STUDENTS REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL (SRC) is encouraging all students of DUT-DBN to go and meet at M.L SULTAN (CANE GROWERS HALL)

    DATE : 02 FEBRUARY 2015
    TIME : 08:00

    The SRC welcomes all students and wishing that this will be a progressive year in the interest of students. All for the revolution and nothing against it……….AMANDLAAAAAAAAAAA


    074 444 1084 079 228 2108

    In this meeting scheduled by the DUT SRC it is planned to happen this Monday and a very strong force of the law enforcement is expected to be present to prevent any violent acts that may result in the progress of the meeting. the issues which are to be discussed are based on financial aid and also on the messages that were received by the students calling them to proceed with their registration, as their funding has received approval, this messages were mostly considered as a spam because they had no reference number accompanying them .

    Teaching and learning proceeded successfully on the next day but most of the students are not met by the Financial Aid Scheme which might be forced to go back to their respective homes.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


    1. did everybody recieve nsfas

    2. Not sure but im still owing R24 578

    3. Last friday at around 23h00 some students recieved SMS which are not yet confirmed


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