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  • Saturday 10 January 2015

    BlueHost Review

    BlueHost Review

    BlueHost is a major hosting company to review and it is used by many professional Bloggers around the world which offers unlimited bandwidth, storage space, email accounts and an infinite number of subdomains making your blog to be more successful compared to blogs hosted by other hosting companies with prices starting from $ 3.95 per Month giving you full access to your blog and domains.

    BlueHost has made great improvement in web hosting since it launch and has become one of the best hosting services in the world which are recommended by many webmasters due to it ability to help their customers and well known for their quick response.
    There have been a great number of people leaving their hosting services to join bluehost because BlueHost has introduced web Search Engine Optimisation to the best and has the the ability to increase the rank of any site on search engines. Bluehost has it own hosting service which is unique. I have seen great testimonies over the the past years whereby readers have seen the good benefits which they offer to their costomers.
    Earlier in the days getting unlimited bandwidth was like a dream come true and today here it is happening as BlueHost has introduced unlimited bandwidth for only  $3.95 , this service is simply the best service to do a Review on as it has an ease of use and a very simple site builder. A site builder is the best part of it which allows you to customise every part of your template to the way that suites you.
    BlueHost is a very best hosting service to do a Review on as it gives the user a lot of options which include :

    Standard Shared Hosting - which will cost you $3,95 per month, this is the primary hosting service by bluehost which will give you an unbelievable service.

    Reseller Hosting - this type of hosting allows the user to run your own web hosting service and domain registration service only starting at  a cost of $19,95 per month.

    Pro Shared Hosting - which is likely to be more similar to the standard web hosting service but this type of hosting has more advantages and benefits compared to the previous hosts, The BlueHost Pro Shared Hosting service will cost you an amount of $19,99 per month.

    VPS Hosting - Is one used by many online companies to host their websites online,  the use of virtual Private Server(VPS) gives the readers an ultimate chance to privately host with your own server giving you enough flexibility, power and full control over your websites. BlueHost gives you the ability to self-host a your website which means that you wont have to depend on BlueHost terms but you will run your blog/website the that suites you best.

    Wordpress / Blogger - Bluehost has turned it hosting passion to help wordpress users to host their website and blogs on  the most amazing managed platform designed for wordpress. These services start at a first time price of $12,49 and there are absolutely no hidden fees.

    Dedicated Hosting - this is when you purchase a server which will specially be for your website. This is the best offer that one can use from the BlueHost service , allowing you to have 3 - 5 IP Addresses for your hosting package.
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    Bluehost has grown into being the very huge hosting service since it launch which happened earlier in 2003 and was able to climb to the top within a very short period of time into being the best hosting sevice used by bloggers and websites around the world hosting millions of websites and blogs.
    I recomend that you share this BlueHost Review to your friend and help them use this amazing hosting service for their blogs and they will save a lot on web hosting. Join Bluehost and see the results.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


    1. very nice review about hosting and it's modes. It's help the newbies by the way Bluehost dedicated server


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