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  • Saturday 13 December 2014

    On-page and off-page SEO tips blogger

    On-page and off-page SEO tips ; SEO tips; What is on page SEO

    on page seo and off page seo tips

    Since blogger was introduced it gave many people a chance to online monetisation which had worked very well with some bloggers, but it is very hard for a blogger blog to achieve any traffic without any SEO . There are  many blogs that have great content and yet have very low traffic , this happens because most blogger blogs are not fully optimized unlike blogs that are hosted on paid hosting services and on paid templates which can cost you up to $50-$100 USD  and we have to say that free templates can edited to function as premium templates.

    What is on page and off page SEO?

    When referring to Search Engine Optimisation it is very important that you have consistent blog traffic and that is why I have decided to show my readers some amazing facts that they should know about SEO. So that they can master blog success.
    On page SEO: This type of SEO refers to the editing of a webpage to make it optimized for search engines

       On-Page SEO Tips For Blogger

    •  Title SEO
    It is very important that you know how to write an eye catching blog post, the same is with the newspaper headlines .the newspaper with the most headlines is more likely to sell most copies than any other news paper in stores and you are very less to see those chinese fake newspaper on the shelves, and the same will apply in search engines , The blog with the more interesting topics has a great tendency of traffic and a better rank in search engines .
    Many blog newbies love to copy paste quality blog posts from other blogs to their blogs which is very wrong indeed , but the best thing about it is that search engines know which content is original and which of the content is fake , the fake content will be ignored by search engines. So please use good headlines and write original content for your readers.
    In the default blogger templates provided by blogger, Titles and Pages are not optimized for search engines which means that some hardwork needs to be done to optimize the templates.
    I have showed my readers on a short tutorial some ways in which they can optimize their default blogger templates and this can be done for you for a starting gift of $3.00 per month whereby your default blogger template will be fully optimized for search engines.

    Image SEO

    We all know that search engines contain an images link whereby images are listed according to their ranks and having your image optimized .
    Image optimization has the ability to give you a good rank in search engines because most bloggers have very less knowledge about it and on how they can use it for better ranking.
    If an image is not optimized for search engines it will low rank your blog making it to drop from its  rank, but if it had been fully optimized then probably your post will rank first page in search engines.

     Customization of robots.txt file

    The customization of robots.txt can have a very bad influence to your rank in search engines if done in a wrong way. In one of the posts I have shared earlier on Search Engine Optimization tips I have given a safe tutorial that will guide my readers  to SEO optimise their blogs to their best performances in search engines.

    • Backlinks

    Having the right amount of backlinks in your blog posts and pages can give your blog a good rank in search engines and that is the reason why I will greatly motivate my readers not to fight with their competition because in the blogging world competition can result into a lot of backlinks to your site and thus giving you traffic.

    • Blogs loading time

    The blogs loading time is one the effective ways that will affect your blogs SEO , as I mentioned in my previous posts that Google and the other search engines are in competition for readers and a site that loads loads slowly will is likely not to be included in the first pages of search engines.
    No body will love visiting slow loading posts and I myself have no interest in slow loading sites because I normally lose my patience an I will normally not consider visiting those sites in future. So please try to reduce the amount of images used in your blog posts and side bar . If the image used has more than 2 megabytes please try to decrease it  size in any possible way before adding it to your post.

    Google Webmaster Tools

    Using the google webmaster tools will help your blog to perform very well with other blogs and increase your blog search engine rankings by fixing broken links on the blog

    Off page SEO : Off page SEO will depend on the on page SEO because on page SEO it has the ability to make your site rank well in search engines, this type of SEO mostly deals in managing your blogs loading time for better optimization .

      Off-Page SEO Tips For Blogger

    No of widgets

    The number of widgets used can have a bad influence to the SEO of your blog and the worst is that they add more than 60% of your loading time, widgets like the followers widget, Facebook followers widget , site members widgets have a bad effect on SEO but the best in building your blog audience.
    As explained on under the On page SEO  search engines are very likely to low  rank blog that have a slow loading time.

    Image size

    The images should not exceed a size of 2 MB as they are likely to increase the loading time of your blog and if it happens that you are running an image sharing blog Please try to host images in image hosting blogs to decrease the loading time.


    On your blog sidebar you should atmost have three reviews and any blog more can be bad SEO

    Social bookmarking

    Social bookmarking widgets are very helpful but having too much of them can affect your blogs loading time and believe me when I say it has the greatest ability in increasing your blog load time.


    Blogs that dont have these settings will not be ranked best by search engines as they are search engine unfriendly. The off page and the on page SEO is very best for any blog , please make sure that you save this page for future use. Wish you the best . 
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    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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