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  • Sunday 28 December 2014

    How to turn a blogger blog into a community

    How to turn a blogger blog into a community

    How to turn a blogger blog into a community
    Running a public blog will eventually get you involved a lot with the public world as you have to answer questions asked by the readers at most frequent times. The reason many people have started blogging is that they want to make a profit out of their blogs and the profit is very hard to predict as some bloggers get to make more than $1 000 000 through their blogs and their secret is through getting a good traffic and a good ranking in search engines.
    Starting a blogging community is the best way to keep all your blog visitors under your blog by including subscription widgets, social buttons and many more feature to get your readers to your blog. Having a community does not only keep your readers glued to your blog but it also creates an interest within them such that they become participants to your blog , A blogging community is best for bringing about growth in your blog just as Mashable  , people are not just participated in only the content but they tend to participate in the the blog  .

    Facebook is one of the best sites in the internet whereby you could get blog followers . Facebook has a lot of widgets which are designed for bloggers to build a community out of their blogs.
    It is very important that you create a facebook page that will work in hand with your blog .Even though facebook is considered second after Digg , it is the best app for  getting blog traffic as it has a lot of features. Facebook is my second source of traffic after social engines like google, yahoo , Bing and the other social networks are included after facebook which shows that facebook is the best network for creating a blog community.

    Twitter the best site for connecting with fans which was generally created for fans and celebrities and now has a great following by blogger as it is the greatest network for sharing blog updates and changes.

    It happens when a reader from your blog gets to find difficulty in installing a widget, they may find the comment box as their first choice and will eventaully try to contact you the author into finding help and you might not be available to help, which means that you will need the helping hand of the other readers and that can done greatly in a forum page for a blogger blog.
    A forum is a great effective help page where readers may get to help each other when the blog readers are not available to help out.

    Google plus is the must have account if you are running blogger blog as it has the greatest abilty of getting a lot of blog subscribers as has been mostly designed for blogger and it contains a great number of professional bloggers that you can intereact with.
    would greatly motivate bloggers to continue using the google plus profiles for their blogs but as the blog grows into a much matured blog then you can include a google plus business page which have the blog info.

    Having a large number of social widgets in your blog may sound as a great idea for getting blog subscibers, but it is the worst way you can use because it will confuse the readers . On your blogger blog it is good that you put subsciption buttons on the header, Add Sharing buttons below the post titles oe below the post content and Add subscription buttons on the blog footer.
    The fitting instructions given are the best ways of putting subsciption and sharing buttons into your blog blogger for keeping the readers into participating in  the blog.

    The followers Gadget is a version of the old google friend connect which is designed for blog followers to have a chance of knowing each other. This is more like a social networking sites which operates within your blog and it is a great way of which blog visitors may subscribe, chat and participate through your blogger blog .
    Even though the followers Gadget is not much Advanced like other social networks but it is a must have widget for blogger becauase it has a great potiential of creating a community behind your blog.

    Blog readers are very much more interested in knowing more about the auther of the blog. An about us page should atleast have an about us page which should atleast include the list of blog authors  and the blog Administrators. This will make the readers to trust your blog because they would understand everything going within the blog.
    Google Adsense , Chitika and media are some of the most paying advertising networks that need you to have an about us page in your blog before they can trust your blog.

    Building a community of loyal readers is not  much easy it is hardwork which means that as a blogger you should atleast have a commitment to your blogger blog in order to get the readers commitment .

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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