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  • Tuesday 16 December 2014

    How long it takes to do SEO on blogger

    How long will it take to do SEO on blogger ; search engine optimisation

    I have been touched by a question which was asked by one of my readers in one of my blog posts on Seach engine optimisation which made me to give these important facts about SEO and to make my readers to be aware of our SEO services that we are going to host this febraury to help our readers with optimisation.

    As millions of sites and blogs are created around the world, the same is with competition as it is get heavier causing many blogs to fall under the curtain. When I started blogging it was not easy in such a way that I was able to grow my blog into a self sustained blog and this was a result of posting regularly and having a good relationship with my blog readers because they are the main people behind this blog.

    Search Engine optimisation is very easy only if you know how to do it in a smarter way , the wrong way of doing SEO is the main reason why many bloggers are finding it hard to have a consistance traffic to their blogs. To optimise a blogger blog should not take you over a month and that is why I will show you the four types of SEO .

    How long should you do SEO ? this is the Well that will be shown by the four types of SEO that I am going to mention in this post which will give your how long you should do SEO and probably how log it will take you to reach that desired level of traffic.

                                                   The four types of SEO

    There can be more ways which one can optimise a blog but I have decided to share some important ways that bloggers should follow to fully optimise their blogger blogs.

    • Off page SEO
    Off page SEO has been mentioned in one of my post on SEO as a secondary SEO because it  has a big effect on the ranking of your blog , this is due to the loading time, number of widgets and images on your template can have a big Negative impact to your blog because search engines will try by all means to avoid blogs with a high loading time . reducing the loading time of your blogger blog will have a good impact to your site traffic. Google, Bing , yahoo, ask , etc. are in a competition for readers and they are trying very hard to impress the users by avoiding low content and low loading pages.

    There are many other types of  SEO  under this type of SEO which include the length of the of the Domain name, backlinks , keywords in the domain, Type of Ads used on the site, The blog must have atleast 6 months , the type of Domain registered and much more .

    Estimated Length of Optimisation

    This type of SEO can take you a day or two depending on the type of template you are using and depending on the your planning.
    •  Title SEO
    Free blogger templates by blogger are not SEO optimised but have been limited .
    This type of SEO can take you a short time to do 70% of it which will require you some coding  and 30% is done upon every post published whereby the publisher will use . the coding is used to make the post title to be more visible than the blog title and it has done some great improvement to many bloggers because really it is very less likely for people to search for a blog title and that is why title SEO must be introduced to any blogger blog.

    This type of SEO uses what is called the Search Keyword whereby the author of the post will use a keyword that is simple and possibly most searched.

                                           Example of Search Keyword


    How long it takes to do SEO on Blogger
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    The use of basic search keywords on blogger will make your post to have a great propabilty of appearing in search engines as it contains a lot of search keywords.

    Estimated length of Optimisation

    This type of SEO does not stop but continues all the time
    •  Template SEO
    The code of the template needs a lot of editing most importantly if you are using a free blogger template, Free blogger templates need a lot of editing in their HTML code and that is the reason we are planning to host SEO services whereby we will edit some free blogger templates and make them work and rank as professional templates.

    Estimated length of optimisation

    This is probably one of the best but they will only take a single time for editing the template but they will produce great results.
    • On page SEO
    This type of SEO mostly deals with the post keyword , its has more than 50% effect on the ranking of the post.your blog post should have labels which will make your blog to be easily read by search engines.when writing a post it is very important that you post has many words matching the words of the post title but please dont change the message that you intended to write and secondly you post must make sense.

    On Page SEO theres a lot to name as it has to do with the type of links used, the placing of Ad units on the post , Robot tags used , the search description which is mainly available for blogger and wordpress blogs , permalinks , labels and many other post optimisation.

    Estimated length of Optimisation

    Well this is done daily which includes keywords and Image optimisation. This type of SEO will take you forever . This type of SEO is still used by huge blogs like Mashable and Techrunch.

    SEO is the best way to bring traffic from search engines and we as bloggers we should respect SEO because through it we get a lot of traffic. please feel free to browse through this blog or subscribe to our free updates and from there you will get more knowledge about this, wish you a great time this Christmas.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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