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  • Monday 15 December 2014

    30 Approved ways to increase website traffic

    approved ways to bring traffic to blogger

    approved ways to bring traffic  to  bloggerMany sites on blogger and wordpress have found it hard to drive traffic to their blogs and websites and this has caused the internet to be filled with millions of abondened blogs in wordpress , blogger, and other free host services. But let me say that with Ajax surf you will learn some important ways which have been approved by professional bloggers around the world and with these ways many blogs have got an increase in their traffic.

    Having a constant traffic on blogger is yet the biggest problem faced by many bloggers around the world. A blog without traffic is like a school without any students because blogging is more about giving tips and special messages to the readers, but how can one feel after writing a blog post and yet finding that no reader has bothered to read a post that you worked hard to read. Such things can really make you to give up blogging.

    I have decided to share some approved ways by blogger professionals to help you bring traffic into your blog. Running a successful new blog is not as easy as people say but with these ways to get website traffic, blogging will become a good habit.

                     30 approved ways to bring traffic  to  blogger and wordpress blog

    • Promote your blogger posts
    Promoting blog posts can be good way in which you can get people into knowing about your blog , my friends know about my blog and I am not ashamed of it, I am very comfortable with my blog readers, I love them and I want wish them blogging success.
    Mashable is one of the blogs that have grown into a gaint blog simply by promoting it on social networks and getting people to comment and participating on all activities on the blog.
    •  Start a facebook group that drives traffic.
    A facebook group is the best way that you can get connected with many friends and followers on your blog and the most amazing about having a facebook group is that a facebook group works a lot more like a newsletter that can be assessed even by people that havent heard about your blog.
    In my facebook group I have noticed that people are joining daily and the number is increasing all the time and over that, my group has the most activity than my  blog. So please try this advantage and you will be getting traffic from your blogger blog.
    • Your blog must have a forum page
    A as I have mentioned that a facebook group can have more activity than your blog , the same can be achieved by starting a forum on your blog just to keep the readers busy on your blog which will make the number of pageviews to increase . The number of pageviews on a blog can have your newsletter increasing in a dramatic way.
    • Optimise the existing posts.
    SEO should be regarded as a best way to have an active traffic on your blog as it will rank your blog to the top compared to other search engines.
    •  Post regularly
    Posting on your blog regularly is key to better rank on Search Engines as I lately explained in one of my posts on Natural SEO . Blogs that post frequently are the most blogs to be respected by search engines which results on them ranking high on search engines.
    Blogs like Huffington posts are always updating and search engines are scheduled to automatically search for updates on Weblogs. So updating your blog regularly will givem a good message about your blog.
    •  Motivate readers to comment
    Every blog should have a comment Policy whereby they will give some guidelines which can be followed. When making a comment policy it is very important to motivate readers to comment on your blog posts.
    •  SEO Optimise your post images
    SEO can be applied to images , in one of our blogs I shared a post that you should read.
    •  Respond to questions asked by readers in the comments.
    Be an open person and respect your readers comments . I will surely asure you that readers love it when the Administrator or the Author is responding to their questions and becomming a part of their conversations in the comments.
    Responding and taking parts to the comments in your blog builds a solid condition making readers to enjoy your blog in a way that they will even wake up at night to see what happening in on comments. So please the comments themselves have the ability to build a strong readership and increasing the mailing list of your blog as people will be wanting to be part of your blog.
    • Add you blog to alltop.
    Alltop.com is a good site for submitting a blog as it is capable of bringing you a very high level of traffic to you blog.
    • Comment on competition blogs
    Commenting on competition blogs might seem as a weak way of bringing traffic to your blog but it is the best way only if you will do it this smart way.

    >Always express your knowledge about the post.

    This is the best way to get readers to your blog , always try to out smart the post author indirectly by commenting in a way that will show the readers that you know more about the post niche.
    This way will definetly make the blog readers to desire knowing about you and they will end up liking you blog the most and subscribing to your blog's mailing list.

    > Never use your google,blogger or any Identity and dont comments as an Anonymous.

    Commenting using your account will not get you any traffic  but rather followers who might as well not even get know anything about your blog .
    As a blogger that wants traffic to their blog I will greatly motivate that never post a comment using an anonymous account because that will get you 0% traffic.

    > Reply to questions asked by readers in that particular blog .

    Whenever you are commenting on other blogs of your own niche it is very important that you also respond to questions asked by readers in those particular blogs. Doing that can win you readers to your blog.
    Having to respond to the questions in other blogs of your niche can make readers to have interest in your blog.

    > Always comment using a Name/url.

    This is the best way that you can get a lot of traffic to your blog , when commenting to other blogs avoid using links but instead add your blog link to your name which will get readers to your blog.

    • Stick to a way that works for you
    There are many ways that you can get web traffic to your blogger blog but to every blogger there is always a core way that they can use to get website traffic and as a professional blogger working on SEO have seen that many blogs have different ways of getting traffic but would motivate that they stick and try to improve those ways.
    •  submit your blog posts on Reddit.
    Reddit is one of the most addictive sites in the world with millions of people visiting per day. Reddit does not create any posts but displays posts that have been submitted by bloggers around the world.
    Reddit is used by many bloggers around the world to submit posts and from it you blog can get a lot of traffic.
    •  Notify top bloggers when you have written a ground breaking post.
    Let the other bloggers in your niche to know about you blog, link to their blogs and also motivate them to link back to you and by doing that a good mutual relationship can be created between the two blogs.when you have gained trust from another blog , you might get links to your site giving you a lot of traffic.
    •   Focus on the post key-words
    Keywords mean a lot to Search Engine Optimisation because whenever a search engine crawls the internet it will be looking for websites with the words matching the seach. As I am writing about the 30 Approved ways to bring traffic to a blogger or wordpress blog , then my keywords are possibly  Approved ways, ways to bring traffic to a blogger/wordpress blog, approved ways to bring traffic .
    As a blogger try by all ways to stick align your post to the title but please try not to use words that are hardly known but try to use todays english , because very few people are using the 15th century English. But most importantly your post must stick to the keywords and try to be simply at all times.
    •   Build a mailing list
    Wow a mailing list is the best way to mantain traffic for your blog , and having a mailist has a great influence to SEO and a great influence to the blog traffic that you recieve per post.
    When my blog was new it had a very few pageviews but everytime when I posted I would have up to 5 pageviews within a minute or two , which motivated me to work more because I was just happy that people are reading my posts which motivated me to work hard and bring traffic to my blogger blog.
    •  Submit your blog on stumbleUpon.
    Stumble upon is a great collection of from the internet whereby blogs listed there can reach up to 1 blog  million visits .
    • Make internal links
    I have approved internal links as a best way that you can possibly get traffic to your blog, internal linking has been noted as Natural SEO , giving your blog a better rank in search engines.
    Internal linking has the ability to create interest within your blog which will motivate the visitors to browse through your blog posts. Internal linking will not only keep the readers glued to your blog but will as well increase the number of pageviews and backlinks resulting to a lot of traffic.
    •  Join a blogging community
    Joining a blogging community has a great ability into increasing your blog traffic and can also be used to meet other bloggers that are looking for blogs that they will guest post.
    •  Guest post on other blogs on your niche
    Many bloggers have over looked the importance of guest posting and because of that they have lost a lot of capable readers that would have joined their websites and blogs. As a blogger I can asure you that by every guest post that you publish on a blog, will result to a very great traffic flocking to your blogger or wordpress blog.
    I do motivate bloggers to guest post on this blog but they must know that guest blogging on my blog will not get traffic to my blog but both blogs will benefit through guest blogging.
    •  Contribute to gaint blogs like Mashable, MOZ and all these high traffic blogs.
    The blogs that I have mentioned above have a great impact to the other blogs as they have quality SEO posts and they have mastered it. Blogs like MOZ and Mashable have tons of traffic flowing into them and being an author or a contributor can help your blog get a lot traffic just by being a part of them.
    •  Submit your blog on technorati
    I hope you are familar with technorati which is the best directory in the planet with a lot blogs submitted daily.
    •  Allow guest posting
    Some blogs have been against guest blogging such that they are strictly against it just because they fear that they will lose potential readers and I strongly disagree with them because the traffic of a blog mostly comes for the content and a guest blogger will add on your content but some readers might follow the guest but that does not mean that they will abonden your blog forever.
    •  Have a sitemap page
    The best navigation tool you can have on a blog which makes it easier for the readers to easily Navigate all of your blog posts in a short period of time , this page is more liked by search engines.

    •  SEO optimise your blog titles
    This include title swapping whereby some changes are made on the  blog template to make it to be more SEO friendly.
    •  Avoid having to many links on your posts
    Having a lot of links on your blog post can be regarded as bad SEO because it might have a negative impact making your blog

    • Participate in Answers.com
    Answers is the best forum that you can use to bring website traffic as they
    •  link to sites that are in your niche

    Creating a good relationship with other bloggers can get you a good amount of backlinks to your blogger site , A result of having a lot of backlinks will make your blog to rank better in search engines.

    •  Have a google+ account associated with your blog.

    Google plus plays a good role in search engine optimisation as blogs written by google  users are more favoured in search engines.
    •  Create an About us Page.
    Adding an about us page works best when some body types the a keyword similar to your blog title which will help to improve the rank of the site.

    • Join a blogging community
    Get found by joining a blogging community like copyblogger and the Mob. these blogs can be a great way to get indirect traffic into your blog

    •  Mention some readers in your posts.
    This type of skill is very good to keep the readers busy with your blog because they are usaully motivated to want to discover more in your site that would be related to them.
    •  Arrange Cross-promotional deals with other bloggers
    Cross-promotional deals is whereby you promote somebodies blog in exchange that the blog you are promoting will also do the same to your blog , this type of work is able to make a blog grow at a very great speed.
    •  Write posts with atleast 300+ words
    In one of my posts on SEO I have stated that the minimum number of words a post should have to be ranked in search engines is 60 words but please try to use more than that to to increase your chances of being found in the first page of search engines.

    • Love your blog
    Last thing to do is to love your blog, If there is a blog that you love then you should learn the way do do things


    Blogging is boring without any traffic so please try the ways mentioned in this post , they will produce great results for you.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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