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  • Tuesday 23 December 2014

    10 Worlds Most paying affiliate programs

    Most paying affiliate programs 2015

    Affiliate programs can be the best way in which you could make money from your blog traffic either than advertising. Some blogs have been able to make revenue ranging from $1000-100 000 USD per month through affiliate programs and I believe that you can make it to those standards only if you will know how to convince your blog visitors into buying the products you have advertised on your blog.

    Most bloggers have found the use of affiliate programs as a best way to monetise a blog since they could make $50+  a day compared to Adsense.
    Below I have share the list of the top 10 lists of affiliate programs that will help you monetise your blog.

    The top 10 most paying affiliate services in the world

    Commission Junction

    Commission junction the worlds number 2 biggest affiliate network that has the best payouts compared to any other affiliate networks. It has a very good style of work whereby users will be given a chance to choose the type of products they want to be posted on their sites.
    Commission junction is not only the most paying affiliate network but it is also regarded as the most paying network but it is the biggest  affiliate network in USA and Canada.


    The worlds biggest Affiliate network rating to have more than 3000 Affiliate programs that the users can choose from and has over 10 Million partnerships from around the world with also having the best way of managing international members. The best part of it is that they will help you manage the refferal Ads on your blog with ease.


    Share a sale is probably  the worlds number three biggest affiliate network  with over  2500 affiliate programs which users can choose from and probably has been ranked as the best affiliate website when looking at the factors like security, customer service, and ease of commission payment receiving glowing reviews.
    I would greatly  motivate people to take shareAsale as the best affiliate that you  can join .

    Amazon Associates
    The one I use on this blog , Amazon  is the best online retailer that is well trusted and used by many people around the world . Most people find it  hard to trust any online store just because they may think they are spam and  that is why I would prefer that you use well trusted and known affiliate network in the world.
    Amazon Affiliate network also allows  associates to choose over 5 million products that you can use to monetise your blog and they also give you the ability to choose which products you want advertised on your blog.

    Google affiliate Network

    Google is believed to grow its Google Affiliate Network helps advertisers increase online conversions on a performance basis and the best thing about is that they enable publishers to monetize traffic with affiliate ads . The type of affiliate network runned by google is possibly a pay-per-action network  whereby the you will be recieve commission for reffering people to make sales or leads . This network is the most fifth high paying affiliate Network in the world.
    Getting approval is very easy , most importantly if you have a Google Adsense account.


    ClixGalore  the best Australian pay-per-action affiliate network having offices in USA, Japan and UK It is a very fast growing affiliate network in the world as it is giving it services in Pay Per Action (PPA), Pay Per Lead(PPL), Pay Per Sale (PPS), and Pay Per Click(PPC). The types of programs mentioned are the primary programs offered by Clixgalore and there can be s lot more programs available on Clixgalore .

    Most paying affiliate programs

    ClixGalore works with the best well known companies such as Time Life, Bluehost, Trend Micro and Citibank. This network is probably going to be the best affiliate network as it is a two -tier network where you can also refer other affiliates to join their network and the best thing about is that you will also get a portion of the earnings that they make which can be around 20% revenue depending on the product they sold.

    Peerfly.com is one of the affiliates program that are probably sin in download sites. Peefly is a PPA affiliate network having it own software. This affiliate program ranks position  no.7 in the world as it has over 1000 affiliate program.


    Clickbank is a well known affiliate network  which sells digital products such as software, ebooks and many other digital products . The best thing about this network is that they offer up 75% percent in commissions meaning that the more product the more money you will make.


    Maxbounty is a promising affiliate program which did not even appear in the 2014 list of the top 20 affiliate networks in the world but in the year of 2012 it had an unbelievable rank of  position 6 but unfortunately they are currently rank no.9 .
    Max Bounty is well respected for the way it satisfies it users.


    Neverblue.com  is a Pay per action network currently ranking number 10  compared to other affiliate networks around the world. This network pays for sales, leads ,new affiliate referrals and Downloads . This network is probably the best in digital affiliates after Clickbank but still holds its tenth position in the world.

    The top 10 Affiliate networks  shared on these post are within the top 10 Biggest affiliate networks in  the world which had helped many bloggers to monetise their blogs.Affiliate networks can be the best way in which you can make money online compared to using Ads only if you know how to promote products to your trusted loyal readers .

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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