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  • Tuesday 25 November 2014

    How did Bill Gates make his wealth

    Bill Gates makes his wealth

    how did Bill Gates make his wealth
    The name Bill Gates has become one of the most popular names that can possibly come to a persons mind when the topic  "wealth" is introduced , it all started  earlier in 28 October 1955 when the young Bill Gates was born as William Henry "Bill"Gates in  Seattle, Washington , United States of America and later dropping out of school as he found it difficult to cope with his subjects.
    even though he had dropped out at Havard University and he continued with his love for computers which he developed when he was in Prep school  and his parents who wanted him to be a lawyer supported him with his love for computers and assisted with funds in starting a computer company which grown very massively  and 10 years later microsoft was one of the top companies around the world making Gates on of the wealthest men in the world.
    He is one of the few names that have contributed to the technology that we have today and probably most of the companies around the world have been motivated by him , whereby a great man by the name Steve Jobs was motivated to make great contribution by manufacturing one of the greatest inventions as Apple a tech company that has grown to the top and at the other hand is Google and the other great companies motivated by Bill Gates .
    In the year 2000 Bill Gates started The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation  that has been working in helping developing countries and the poor people around the world .

    Bill Gates wealthBill Gates is no longer involved with Microsoft but he gets 5% of the microsoft stake and he makes most of his money from investments , such that he does not spend his money but rather he spends his investments . Today he is one of the best investers in the Cascade investment .ltd which is the company that has made him a fortune in investments, Bill Gates is considered as one of the most generous wealthy men as he has been working together with organisations to help the needy and the poor, he had been working with the world richest man Carlos Slim in helping Mexico in amgricultural activities.

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