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  • Saturday 8 November 2014

    Addiction! how to avoid it ?

    how to avoid common addictions

    Addictions are good but can be a distruction to you and your loved ones, an addiction can be anything that you do most and their outcomes will vary depending on how good or bad the addiction is. Addictions are divided into two categories which are Good and Bad addictions. I would motivate you to go for the good addictions simply these addictions are more likely to produce good results which can help you succeed in life and within this post I will show you how to make good decisions that will enhance to success and how to avoid bad addictions.

    Addictions depend on the place and time at which the decisions are taken, what I mean is that there non such as good addiction or the so called bad addictions but reality is that your addictions come as neutral but they vary on your timing . before I go further with this article I will share the top 5 timing tips

    5 Steps to proper timing

    1) Always set a schedule and goals 
    Preparation is is the best way stop disorganisation and secondly disorganisation is a very bad habit that a person can adopt. even I myself in high school I never trusted a disorganised person with any of my things because they would always misplace them.

    avoid addiction
    Being disorganised is not only a habit but the more disorganised you are can turn it into an addiction before you realise. So please make it that you have a life schedule that will help you reach your goals.

    2) Aways have a plan B
    It is very important that you have a backup plan,bad addictions can come as you think you are making the right decision , causing leakage in your career path so make it that a back up plan.

    3) Do what makes you comfortable
    Doing things that make uncomfortable is never a good idea because if the plan doesn't work such people tend to commit suicide . So it is very important to time the way you do things.

    4) Get advise from people whom you trust
    It is very important that you get advice from trusted sources. There are thousands of search engines in the world but it happens that you know less than five of all which tells that it is within the nature of the person to know if the content provided by a search engine can be trusted or not. There are many blogger blogs that tend to offer widgets that would help other bloggers but finding that they have designed those widgets to act as spyware.

    So please dont go on trusting any blog or website but you must get more info about it before getting too muc involved .

    5) Have a vision

    Your life must have a goal and try your best ti work towards that goal and working hard will help you avoid many addictions. you know there is a saying which is quoted from the Bible which says people without a vision perish the same thing will affect many bloggers.

    • Stick to your vision
      As a person it is very important that you stick to your vision and work towards it because that is the only way you will have to achieve it . a vision is not a vision unless you focus on it . As a blogger your vision might be to get targeted traffic then you will have to work towards that on your free time.
    • Have a plan Planning is the most essential part of today's busy world whereby everything is scheduled to follow a programmed time, you must also program yourself to act towards that vision of yours for better results in future.
    • Meditate towards itMeditation has been the most essential part of success from the past , today and I believe that also in the future meditation shall be a great way to reach a vision. I student once told me about his plan to be a millionaire about a year that his meditation towards his vision was the man result.

    I have seen many people being victims of various addiction getting their lives upside down , will they continue in these addictions , this is a question that is asked by many bloggers and people around the world concerning addictions

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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