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  • Tuesday 7 October 2014

    Top 5 qualities of a successful Event Manager

    Event management is a very good skill because lots of people love the idea of being an event manager and this has motivated them to this path, I as a professional blogger I also organise my posts before they can go online because I believe that if my content is not organised , it will not meet my requirements as a publisher and It might cause my blog not to have a good rank on social engines. most people see event management as a great way to travel, fun and all the frolics it brings.

    apart from that event management can be very stressful , loaded with loads of responsibility and time consumption and that is why I have decided to share this wonderfull five tips on how can you become a successful event manager.

    • Be flexible at all times - Flexibility is number one , a flexible person cannot go down very easily because that person does not go down easily. As an event manager it is very important that you are able to withstand whatever problems trhat you face and be ready to react .


    • Working with an Audience- It is very important to know how to respond or approach your audience by being representable at all time because that will make you their great ever event manager. truly nobody wants a tricky and harsh event manager that will make the people to feel uncomfortable around , an Event Manager needs to be communicative,with the ability to listen and understand what the client is looking to achieve.

    Your relationship with people as an Event Manager  is what matters most in this industry. You need to communicate on a level that is respectful to everyone, you really have tp be an open and approachable person.
    Never look down to anyone because of their roles but treat all of them equally and make it that you get their trust because one day these people are also your future customers. every soul that you work with has role that will lead to the success of your event.

    • Be Organised-  good organistation is very important and without it then you will be really working for no good . it is well known that good organisation is sometimes impossible but that does not mean that you have to be ignorant , remember that an event manager has to take care or do other peoples responsibilities. A human mind cannot remember all things and event plans and that is why I will recommend that an organised event manager should have files, memos, sticky notes, checklists, etc.

    • Have Passion -As a blogger ,it was like my blog will not reach any success until I started to be passionate about my blog, until I started to have passion about blogging then I had great blogger success . A successful Event manager needs to give time and be passionate because the great thing about passion is that  passion gives you excitement about what you do .
    The job of an event manager can sometimes turnout to be a thankless job. So, an event manager must have an internal passion to overcome simple failures and learn to move forward.

    • Time management - Time management can be taught but  it is impossible to be taught passion and that means that time management is a must for every event manager .

    As an event manager should know how to multi-task but also be able to plan their day in a way that gives blocks of time where you can focus solely on the project at hand. You will achieve a lot more in your day and the end product will be much more thorough .

    You also need to have the ability to coordinate not only yourself, but the scheduling of the entire team helping with the event. It’s all about planning, more planning and re-planning.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


    1. My planner was an absolute delight to work with. She answered my questions about wedding etiquette, and took charge of the event planning, ceremony rehearsal and wedding day timelines, allowing our families to just enjoy the day.

      1. wow great, I am happy if you had a good event. but I would advise these tips for anything event in life , not only on special events.


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