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  • Tuesday 27 May 2014

    The importance of purchasing a domain name for your blogger blog

    getting a .com domain for your blogger blog is a sign of improvement to your blog , which will cause the number of visitors to your blog to increase dramatically and also making it easier for your audience to easily remember your blogger blog. a  blogspot.com  domain is not your domain but it is a subdomain making it harder for search engines to find your blog.

    after interviewing some bloggers and doing research we came up with these to points which I believe they will be a help to you.

    1) More Back Links

    Back links are always work for your blog, but for this you need to put effort on your writing, especially in blogging, in writing blog post, promoting, response to comments, by providing gadgets,

    But after getting domain on my blogspot blog I got visitors from other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask that is the important change in the traffic stats, because Google is driving about world's 80% search engine traffic and about 20% others like Yahoo, Bing, Ask also.

    So, the other possible sources has been opened for my blog, although it is not everything at all, I also got very good ranking from Indiblogger.in, which is one of the popular blog directory in India.

    2) Offer From Direct Advertisers

    This is the thing which you are not going to get for your blogspot blog, after all you can make more money from direct advertisements.

    Without domain it's never happened to my blogspot blog www.rehut.blogspot.com, now www.instituteofindia.com

    Well, that was my story, now you need to make your own story, but you need to keep putting effort that's why people will be happy for reading your blog.

    I know blogging is not easy not even it is not easy to make people to use your offers like services, products etc but it is really easy to use others product.

    But for making people to use your product will credit your account and you know what will happen if you will use other products your account will debit.

    3) Better Ranking on Alexa

    Alexa which is Amazon product, provide us a great platform to know any website ranking with some special keywords.

    I got good rank on Alexa after getting domain name, my website become popular in USA, India, Pakistan and growing day by day.

    But I am not interested on that, I am really happy to see that people will get more and more help for making their own blog popular that is my mission, I even help people one to one basis on social medias like Facebook, Google Plus.

    4) Better Reputation

    Reputation is everything in any business, blogging is a real business here almost reputation is every thing, because people must believe in you, then you will succeed.

    Without domain name this is about impossible, here you must not apply the logic "Nothing is Impossible".

    I know, if you will split Impossible then you will get "I'm possible", do not apply this tactic for getting domain name.

    Because, if you will get domain name then things will be much easier than without domain name blog, because time has changed I know Amit Agarwal blog Labnol.blogpsot.com was quite popular but in that time only few people were blogging now things changed there are thousands those are starting blogging everybody and there is only one thing in their mind to make more and more money.

    Okay, that is good but in blogging you can not make more money over night, just like to get good job you need to work hard and keep trying like here the same you have to hard work and keep doing it, then your blog will definitely get very good reputation.

    5) More Revenue

    In blogging you definitely want to generate more revenue from your blog, after getting a domain my revenue and traffic dramatically gets increased.

    Everybody knows, if you got traffic then you can easily earn money and to get more traffic can use sources like search engines, referral traffic, directories, forums, question and answers website.

    See, for increasing revenue of your blog you must keep testing, but according to make there are best three methods, those are working tremendously those are-

    • Selling E-books- Selling own E-books is the best way to earn cash online, but for this you need to choose platform, see there are many platforms, but I think you must go for Instamojo, if you are having very good blog traffic otherwise Amazon is the best
    • Promoting Affiliate Products- After even blogging two years, I did not understand the power of affiliate marketing because till that time I was only concentrating on building more and more traffic but later I have started learning Affiliate Marketing to increase my blog revenue and it works, first time I got cheque from ClickBank right in my home through India Post.
    • Google Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks, Bidvertiser- This is the evergreen option, I mean you don't need to bother about sells, whether people will buy or not but you will get paid, here are few payments proof of ads network those paid me number of times.
    List of Payment Proofs-

    6) Exchange Link Offer

    If someone mailed you that he or she wants to do link exchange with your blog then what does that mean, you are improving!

    I got many offers for link exchanging.

    Link exchanging is also known as reciprocal link, it is useful but using it wrong way it is harmful, if you will do link exchange with unrelated sites then it will even cause for dropping sudden search engine traffic, so make sure first about it whether the blog is having good content or not before doing it.

    Must Read- What is Reciprocal Link

    7) How You Are Serious About Blogging

    Now a days, if people search on web they got many results right, because there are ton of bloggers on the web, writing every day new articles some of them writing like experts and some just wasting their time by writing less valuable articles.

    Then, if your blogspot blog ranking well even than people would like to read some professional blog articles, so don't let it go this opportunity just spend more and more time to write an article that's why people will spend more time on your blog, this is the concept each and every pro-blogger used to keep their blog post on the top for long time, you can also use this concept to keep your blog on the top of the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages).

    See, it is sure if you want to create more valuable content then you have to spend more and more time remember this, I mean have you ever spend 10 hours for writing a blog post, if not then start spending time for writing blog post at least 2 to 5 hours per blog post, your blog post must have 2000 words with having lots of headings, sub-headings too, the reason is quite simple more people want to involved in blogging because it is easy but because more people are starting blogging that's why it is becoming competitive, it was not like 2005, this is 2014 remember this.

    8) Easy to Get Approval From Advertisement Networks

    As a beginner blogger your earning source is advertisement networks, after getting domain name I got approval from other advertisement networks, those did not give approval to blogspot blog, this is the beauty of investing few dollars for buying domain name.

    And the important thing is that Google Adsense also like blog those having top level domain name like .org, .com, .net, .info

    But, as I have discuss with you earlier do not depend on only advertisement networks, start investing time for learning more for creating own product as well as about affiliate marketing for seeing real money in your account.

    9) Better Ranking on Search Engines

    As a blogspot blogger it is quite difficult to get indexed on other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Ask ect but after getting domain name your blog post pages will indexed easily on search engines.

    Lets perform a search query lets say "Automobile Insurance Quotes", okay here is the screen shot of the results I am seeing right now-

    Better Ranking on Google

    Well, I have removed Google search bar because there are lots of ads, so for limited space I have used here only results page, okay I did it to show you that this is one of the popular search terms and their I have not find even a single link which is having blogspot sub-domain, okay there are sometimes for some searches you will see blogspot links but not always, then why to take the advantages of getting domain name.

    10) Readers Can Remember Blog Name Quite Easily

    As a blogspot blogger you can do blog, you will get visitors even but your returning visitors will gets down, because your blog would be little bit difficult for remembering for your visitors.

    If you found this useful please help us with funds, on our research to bring you more content to improve your blogger knowledge


    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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