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  • Wednesday 16 April 2014

    Steps to Successful blogging

    Blogging is fun to anybody that is interested to have a smile on their
    faces and money in their pockets but the secret to a successful blog is not about making money but it is all about having a close relationship with fans or should I say followers , I have prepared you some stuff that can help make your blog a success

    STEP 1: Purchase a custom domain or use a valid domain in which will
    be easily be remembered by your visitors you can purchase at a very
    low price on www.blogger.com which will cost a total amount of 10
    dollars , once you have entered go to settings,basic and get a custom

    STEP 2: Use colours that go with your interest , colours that describe
    your personality and dont use colours that you saw from another
    successful blog but use what your like and fill comfortable with .
    Using your favourite colours can describe the type of context that can
    be found in your blog which will create a picture to your visitors
    make them to remember you blog easily

    STEP 3: share you blog posts to your friends and made sure that you
    tell them about your blog through social networks such as facebook,
    twitter, yookos , yahoo and many more you can know ... But the best
    way to get them comming is to share your posts on group chats and ask
    you friends to check out you blog and tell them how pretty darn it is
    , who said blogging was only for friends hey ! Outside there are
    strangers and they love surfing the web and millions out there are
    looking for a blog just like yours , so dont hide your content but
    share it with the world

    STEP 4: I leant something from other fellows that you can write your
    blog address as a comment on other blogs because these gaint blogs can
    get up to millions of monthly visitors and by commenting your address
    on their posts can make get a stake of those visitors comming to your
    blog . There are thousands of successful blogs on blogger and
    commenting on them daily will increase you blog traffic . So dont
    forget to make those comments

    STEP 5: In you blog posts make sure that you use photo's that are
    associated with you blog posts and you know using good pics is the
    best way to keep your visitors going over your blog . It is said a
    photo says a thousand words so use a photo that is good for you posts

    STEP 6:
    Always set some time aside to go through your blog stats and see how
    is your blog improving but if you dont see any immprovement well then
    means that you got to blog for atleast three times a week and really
    that will improve your blog and keep you going , It is a must that you
    have to get people to your blog because if nobody visits your blog
    then something is not going alright and that means something has to be
    done because it will be like you posting to youself.

    STEP 7 : Love you audience and get to know you top visitors if
    possible so they wont leave you blog .

    Wish you the best blogging !!!

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

    I hope you have recieved all the information you seek and thank you once more for browsing our website we hope to hear from you soon.


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