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  • Thursday 30 January 2014

    Top South African kwaito singer Professor recieves Christ

    South African kwaito singer Professor recieves Christ with Bishop SB Zikhali Video

    kwaito star professor and Bishop SB Zikhali

    Top South African kwaito singer Professor, real name Mukhonzeni Langa has recently recieved Jesus Christ after he was lead into christ by Bishop S.B Zikhali the founder, the directer and president of Life Abundance Bible Church International , professor was handed a copy of Bishop SB Zikhali sermon by Mroza from Ukhozi fm which he listened and made him to take a decision for his life and made a call to Bishop SB Zikhali's office and asked him to lead him into prayer before he
    attends the Media best Celebrity Jesus prayer which will be a conference in which bishop SB Zikhali will be a speaker, the Bishop said in one of his services held in Richards bay that he had been
    recieving calls from celebs who want to recieve Jesus Christ .

    The news was so hard for many people in South Africa to believe that the kwaito Star and one of the most successful local musicians have concverted to christaianity after he listened to a sermon by bishop SB Zikhali of  LABCI . The bishop was very pleased about a the call that he had recieved from professor and is quite looking foward into grooming this musician as he said on a bible study meeting that happened in Aquadene, Richards bay.

    In the the past awards ceremonies Professor had been seen a really changed man as he was known much for his participation in night parties but incredibly it seems he had really changed.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

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