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  • Monday 15 June 2020

    Logistics Is At The Heart Of All Business Challenges

    Logistics is the process of turning something complex and virtually impossible into something manageable and possible. In the business world, most people think of logistics as production and delivery management because these are some of the most difficult operations to coordinate. 

    However, there is more to an effective logistics strategy than what meets the eye. When you stop describing logistics as a commercial activity that guarantees the transfer of goods from their source to their end clients, you can begin to appreciate the process for its true nature: A problem-solving skillset. The nature of logistics is to provide a logical, structured, and organized answer to a challenging problem. When it comes to challenges, businesses face many outside-the-box obstacles that can slow down their growth. However, the ability to adapt to new requirements is precisely what can bring today’s companies into the world of tomorrow. Here is how strategic logistics can help make sense of these challenges: 

    Managing complex deliveries of all sizes
    Typically logistics services tackle delivery needs. However, most businesses establish a standard, one size fits all solution for their deliveries. Problems only occur if they have to handle the delivery of goods that don’t fit inside the proverbial box. We’ve all received damaged parcels that were crushed during the delivery process. Why does it happen? The damage occurs because the logistics planning in place does not offer a satisfying solution for your specific parcel. Whether it is too big, too small, too heavy, or its shape doesn’t fit the standard, each package requires dedicated logistics. Outsourcing deliveries to the right expert such as Freo Group for heavy and oversize requirements, for instance, can provide targeted services to unique customers. Indeed, embracing multiple shapes, sizes, weights, and conditions is precisely what brings your delivery processes to the next level. 

    Handling the need for more, more, more 
    Data-focused businesses are paying a high price for their desire to make digital information a source of intelligence in all processes. Data provide indispensable knowledge. However, this knowledge needs adequate storage and access strategies. Unfortunately, the need for more data isn’t always matched by the appropriate storage solutions. More data expose businesses to additional security issues, access dilemmas, speed problems, and management challenges. The trend for data collection, however, shows no sign of slowing down. As businesses capture more information about their customers, partners, and leads, they fail to make those data usable and reliable. Working closely with professional IT companies and managed service providers can bring a breath of fresh air to data management! 

    The impossible logistics of growth
    As a company, appealing to a broad audience group is detrimental to growth. However, businesses fail to consider their largest audience group, individuals who require assistive technology and increased accessibility. Indeed, while companies are happy to consider adapting content for different media and languages, very few consider individual accessibility needs. Hiring and targeting people with disabilities is good for business growth. More importantly, it is a strategic and affordable step that most businesses can afford to take. Large tech suppliers already offer customizable accessibility options, such as speech recognition, meaning that most companies already have the assistive technology in-house. Additionally, inclusive companies are more likely to support social evolution and economic growth across all audience groups. 

    It’s time for logistics to stop the one size fits all approach. Whether it comes to data management, deliveries, or people-focused growth, applying logistics processes to solving diversification challenges is the way forward. 

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

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