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  • Tuesday 5 May 2020

    JP Markets 200% bonus

    JP Markets broker is set to introduce a major bonus offering of 200% on all deposits done one the JP Markets platform. The bonus was promised to Fans on the JP Markets Facebook page where the followers were given a chance to vote if the wanted the bonus and by next week Monday the bonus will be available for all JP Markets Clients.

    The bonus will no longer be shown on the dashboard but will appear on the trading account once funds have been transferred into the mt4 trading account which I believe most have experienced from Monday, 4th May 2020. 

    Cons and Pros of the JP Markets 200% bonus

    • The bonus will give traders the ability to open larger trade positions on a small account

      The trading account will be big which means a $1000 deposit will give you an equity of $2000 making your trading balance to be $3000 which will give you the ability to trade bigger positions on a smaller account maximising your trading profits.

    • The Bonus will be automatically removed once your lose your initial deposit

      The sad part is the removal of the bonus when you lose an amount equivalent to your initial deposit meaning that if you lose 33% of the total account equity you will lose the bonus automatically.

      This will be the hardest hit on new traders as they are the most not to be familiar with the trading terms involved with most forex brokers.

    • High risk of losing money than making money

      The risk is beyond has increased with this new bonus as the previous bonus gave traders a 100% winning chance and a 50% losing probability.

    • Broker fails to respect clients

      The broker has shown that they dont value their clients in which I believe they should have consulted with each persons account before they could introduce this bonus as clients are at stake of losing their money trading with this terms.

      The broker was supposed to open a seperate trading account opening which contains these terms not to alter with running trading accounts.

    • JP Markets might face regulation Ban

      JP Markets has updated on their site recently that they will be allowing the current 100% bonus from 11th May 2020 with the new terms to get ready traders and get them familiar with terms and then fully roll out the 200% bonus offering to its clients investment accounts.

      The broker has shared a summary of terms from the 11th May to avoid any regulatory bans that they might face for altering with clients accounts as many of the clients are not happy with the bonus offering being introduced.

    A lot of anger has been displayed by JP Markets client in the previous weeks after the company mentioned that it will be removing the bonus equity which they have on JP markets social media accounts.

    Sifiso Nkwanyana

    Author & Editor

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