Forex Trading Course

The Ajaxsurf professional trading course is designed to give Forex Traders an education that will help improve their trading results. we have combined with years of experience and practice in the Forex and Commodity markets to bring a reliable trading opportunity in Richards bay, Johannesburg and Durban.

Our trading is based on high level institutional price action trading to reveal the Forex Trading Secrets that have been hidden from the retail world but limited to the institutional level. Our vision is to decrease the ultimate trading gap between successful traders and unsuccessful traders by revealing these secrets with the hope of creating a better trading environment for all our clients.

Our Education is NOT ORDINARY
The education we give cannot be found in the internet and it is not being taught in South Africa as much as we have researched but we are bringing price action to the highest level. by revealing these secrets we believe that we can decrease the level of poverty in our country and the level of life standards of our students will improve for the better.

“Just as a scenario writer endeavors to mystify his audience, so pools and manipulators strive to confuse and influence the public into thinking a stock is moving in a certain direction when the ultimate purpose is to have it move the other way.” -- Richard D. Wyckoff,

The market is manipulated by the smart money to trick the trader into taking trades that will ensure that the ordinary person or trader does not make it through the market which is the main reason why  only 5% of traders make it through the market. The main aim of our course is to reveal the secrets used by the banks and large institutions to help improve the quality of our students.


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