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    Ajaxsurf Investments Terms and Conditions

    Below are the terms and conditions which the Fund will comply with the Investor

    • All Investments done by the fund are managed by the Fund Manager.
    • Ajaxsurf has no investment licence and Funds are taken as an investment into the company as per contract signed.
    • The investment will grow at a minimum of 7 percent at a simple increase monthly
    • The Minimum acceptable deposit per investor is R10,000 and the Maximum is R500,000,000
    • Investors cannot withdraw their funds within the first three months of their investments.
    • Investors cannot invest without having to submit their ID numbers or Certified Copies

      All documents must be Submitted to: ajaxsurf@hotmail.com
    • All investments must be submitted to accounts linked to the Fund Manager which are  ACM Gold or the Fund FNB bank account.
    • The User Privacy will always be our priority and we will not share investor information with anybody.
    • The Fund is not responsible for any negligence done by investors.
    • The Investor Invests on their own risk and the investment is subject to both loss and success and the Fund will pay back the initial deposit.
    • Any Termination of Contract or Failure of the Fund to produce the agreed agreement will result to The Fund Repaying the Initial Deposited amount.

    We wish you the best through your investments...


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