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 How does it work?

  • Ajaxsurf offer advertising services to any site on the internet excluding sites that are promoting illegal items and pornography.
  • Ajaxsurf only allow payments to via Paypal.
  • Advertisers that have spent a year or more are likely to be given discounts of an amazing value  40%
  • Advertisers receive loyal bonuses for advertising on our blog in every 4 month period which will give them free advertising space for one month
  • Advertising costs vary from $1-$40  USD  depending on the Size and the location of the Advertisement
  • Advertisers as old as 10 years can win an instant 150% cash back

                               Available Spaces                       

NOTE:- All the Price is set for 30 Days and payment

Ads LocationAdvertisementCost
On the header468x60  Leaderboard banner
   (15000 Impressions)
1 of 1 Available

Side bar Ads310 x 250 rectangle banner
     ( 15000 Impressions)
1 of 2 Available

Footer Ads300x300  rectangle banner
     (9000 Impressions)
1 0f  2 Available


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