Friday, 6 May 2016

Pipcoin Africa's First Digital Currency Review

Posted By: Sifiso Nkwanyana - 08:55


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The First African Digital currency The Pipcoin has been successfully launched by the 21 South Africa's youngest Billionaire Ref wayne to bring an investment opportunity that will bring an improvement to the African Continent.

The company has been operating for the for a couple of weeks and has got millions of people to invest into the digital currency. The company promises investment growths of up to 35% which is the expected increase value of the pipcoin. this investment is believed to shake of the level of poverty in the continent but has had difficulty with getting approved by the South African Financial Services regulator known as FSB. with my view I have not much to comment on whether the company Pipcoin is a Ponzi Scheme or not.

Pipcoin Returns

The 35% compounded Monthly Investment return on digital currency is probably something that cannot be calculated are taken into a fixed growth because its all depends on supply and demand of that particular commodity or currency that the invester is interested on investing on. the growth of a currency or commodity cannot be measured but will make percentile fluctuations that will depend on the demand of a currency, these fluctuations can exceed above and below zero percent which simply means the investors can make or lose money.

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