Monday, 18 January 2016

Ajaxsurf Forex Investment Fund launched

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The Ajaxsurf team have great news for readers and partners as we have launched our first investment fund which will operate in South Africa, United states and United Kingdom. this fund is intended mostly to help business men and women from across these regions grow their income by investing in our fund.

We are looking for the first 30 investors to invest within these first week and hopefully they might stand a chance to get 100% cash back with their investments still running. As investors we have to master the Money Game because there are many opportunities that one can grasp and it happens that most of those opportunities are very risky causing many traders and Investors to lose their money through Forex trading and Stock trading, to solve this problem we have released an affordable course for our readers but it happened that most of the readers did not get time to learn how to trade profitably and rather wanted to invest with an experienced Forex professional. Please apply early to secure your investment and let your money work for you.

We are looking to invest for 30 people a month and we will not accept any more after that,  4 hours since the launch had been made we had received 17 investment applications and we are motivating people to make their applications now or they can wait for the February Intake.

Below is a great video from Tony Robbins to give you a clear understanding about what we are planning to improve in peoples lives, visit today and change the position of your financial life and we will welcome you to financial freedom.

We believe that you have been touched and got a clear understanding about the Hedge Fund I am launching today with the  ajaxsurf team. sign up as soon as possible. Apply Now!

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